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Self-Titled - SouLah the Legend

The Road to the Grammys!!!

fI'm so excited that my first album is finally DONE! This has been a life-long dream of mine. This album is a fusion of R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and a touch of Pop - musically eclectic to say the least, LOL. It is a reflection of my deep love for almost any kind of music and the powerful impact that words and music make when combined.          
All of my lyrics are original, self-written lyrics and six of the eight tracks are self-produced, with two co-producers. Writing my lyrics and producing my own tracks was important to me on this first project. I do not want to sound like everybody else; or anybody else, for that matter. As you get to know me, you will learn for yourself that I am a very rare human being. You have never and will never meet anyone like me, and I really want that truth to be reflected in my music. By producing the project myself, I was able to carefully craft each song to express the exact emotional impact that I want it to have. Whether I wrote the lyrics first and then came up with the composition or created the track first and then wrote the lyrics – I could be confident that the end product was an accurate expression of a part of my very own soul. 
I've been an award-winning poet since I was a child. I never thought about Spoken Word being a career path or something I'd do professionally. I certainly never planned on making an album in this category. I love poetry. I write "just because". However, when I was confronted with the task of deciding what kind of album I could complete in the two-month deadline I was given, Spoken Word was the natural choice. You see, I was unexpectedly handed the opportunity to have an album submitted for consideration, for a 2020 Grammy win. It was an opportunity that I did NOT want to pass up. The challenge was, I did not have a single song ready. I had no album concept, no artist name or branding concept – I HAD NOTHING to go on an album or even an idea for one! Furthermore, I had no help, no money and very little know-how.
Facing these realities, Spoken Word was the only Grammy category that made any sense for me to pursue, to make this impossible dream a reality. Spoken Word is where I had the most experience, a history of undefeated wins, and it is the easiest material for me to write and produce. With this understanding, I forged ahead. Yet, I was determined to not be just another run of the mill Spoken Word artist. In my opinion, the typical Spoken Word style is NOT something that I can generally listen to for an entire album. It becomes monotonous and droning in a very short period of time, for me. Therefore, after choosing this as a category, my next challenge was making it unique and interesting. I wanted to do something that no other Spoken Word artist has successfully done before – GO MAINSTREAM!
As you listen to this album, it will be apparent to you that I was aiming for a "cross-over sound", in most of these tracks. I hope to set a new trend that allows Spoken Word to become a more prevalent and respected style of music and artistic expression, on mainstream platforms, such as radio, TV, and viral social media. I'd like to see my works, and the works of other Spoken Word artists, win Grammys, hit the top of the Billboard charts, and be featured on major stages. My goal is to bring Spoken Word out of the shadows and rescue it from being an underground-only-niche-genre. I think it is high time that this classic art form gets a modern makeover and the recognition it deserves!
So please, listen to my material, and if you agree, help make it go viral. The player below can be embedded on your web page or blog, and I encourage you to do so. Write reviews on all major music platforms and like my tracks. Share them consistently and diligently, as well as following and sharing my social media platforms. I'm doing my part, for the rest I will need your help. If you think the music industry is in need of something new and fresh and real, help me make this happen. Promote SouLah the Legend, so that I will be on the stage as an award-winning Grammy artist in 2020, to represent all other artists who want to break free of industry confromity and do something rare and great !
Be Significant, Live Legendary!
SouLah the Legend
P.S. Please excuse the unprofessional recording quality that is detectable in some of these tracks. Many of you may not notice, but the trained ear will pick it up. This was a “quick and dirty” project. The focus was completion by the deadline, as opposed to engineering perfection. I am re-engineering the tracks for the hard copy CD and the single versions of these songs. For now,           I ask that you listen past the quality and see and hear my vision.
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Album Info

Artist Name: SouLah the Legend
Album Name: SouLah the Legend
Release Date: 08/26/2019
Label Name: SouLah Inspired Music
Publisher: Tangible Dreams Publishing
1. SouLah the Legend
     Produced/arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Co-Produced by Lamontiz, Performed by SouLah the Legend
2. Got Me Feelin’ Some Way
    Produced/arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Co-Produced by Judah “J-Lee” Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend
3. He Tasted Her
     Produced/arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend & K2 Anon
4. I’m Ready for This
     Produced/arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Co-Produced by Judah “J-Lee” Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend
5. Finally, I’m a Woman
    Produced by MBeatz, Arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend & Nicole Mariee
6.  How to Love a Black Man
     Produced/arranged by Laneen A. Haniah & Judah “J-Lee” Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend
7. If You Only Understood
    Produced/arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend
8. That Thing We Do
     Produced by Downtown Music, Arranged by Laneen A. Haniah, Performed by SouLah the Legend
Additional Credits:
Original Album created and copyrighted © 2019, by Laneen A. Haniah

Original Album art by:
Devon Tatum, Digital Artist – [email protected]

Album cover design by:
Innovative Radiance Branding & Publishing –

Judah “J-Lee” Haniah – [email protected]
Lamontiz – [email protected]
SouLah the Legend –
K2Anon – [email protected]
Nicole Mariee –
Special thanks to:
The Cedar Valley College Music Department and Dr. Mike Bogle aka "Dr. Middy" for mentoring me and entering me for 2020 Grammy consideration.  Also Ray of Absolut Beats & J Tracks, two long-time friends and Producer/Engineers that have always been there for me. You all made this possible!