Who is She?

SouLah the Legend, aka Laneen A. Haniah, is a native of New York State, who currently resides in Dallas, TX. SouLah has been a lover of music since she was a young child. Raised in a household where music was always playing, she learned young that music is the universal language of the soul, fluent in every emotion. That emotional fluency is something that she would have to rely on heavily growing up, as she faced many difficult and emotional challenges. SouLah is one of three daughters, empowered by the parenting of a strong, Black single mother. From her mother, Gail T. Wilson, she learned how to survive anything and everything.

That anything and everything included poverty, racism, molestation, sickness, bullying, rejection and so much more. Laneen was diagnosed with a terminal illness at the age of nine and given only a few years to live, but the fighting spirit in her would not allow her to die. She prayed and GOD heard, and she eventually overcame that illness to live a full life… and a life full of trouble. As a teenager, SouLah, left home at the age of 16. Out on the streets she encountered ghetto life at its fullest. Crime, drugs, violence and sex was all she knew for eight years of her life. She was arrested on several occasions, incarcerated and eventually found herself to be a single, teenage Mom.

It was during these wild years that her passion for being an artist really developed. Her older sister, Karmina Dai, had been an award-winning performing artist since she was five years old. Following behind her, SouLah (then known as Di’Zurt Versatile) was able to make many powerful connections in the industry. She made connections with Treach of Naughty by Nature, Talib Kweli of Black Star, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Big Daddy Kane, Wu Tang Clan, Mekhi Phifer, and Jam Master Jay of Run DMC – just to name a few. As “Di’Zurt”, SouLah performed at many shows as a fierce Female Mc, whose skills were so dope that she was not compared to other female artists, but instead to male artists such as Nas and Tupac.

But all of these powerful connections amounted to nothing. Female rappers were not taken seriously in that day, and these connections often lead to disappointing ends, due to wrong expectations. Di’Zurt fought in vain to establish a name for herself. She also sang in an R&B group alongside her sister and in a Rock-n-roll band. She tried her hand at modeling and hosting local cable music shows. There was limited success, but her skill as a song writer was apparent, as two songs that she wrote were stolen and played on the radio. She never received any respect as an artist, or compensation for her work, and temporarily gave up on her dream.

Spending some years as a wife and mother kept Laneen occupied and content for a while. She became a licensed preacher, in May of 1998, and was well known in the church arena as a specialist on Christian Sexuality. She published three popular books and traveled all over the country as a keynote speaker, and was soon known internationally as “Dr. Intimacy”. Wanting to take her message outside of the church, she started a radio broadcast called “Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio” in July of 2015. The show broadcasted for two years and won “show of the year” for its category, both years running. Dr. Intimacy was, and is, a powerful and effective brand that has successfully led many to experience core-healing and the discovery authentic self.

But, despite all these accomplishments, SouLah’s love of music and desire to be a professional in the music industry was haunting her. She was still doing projects on the side – writing songs for other people to sing, doing jingles and toying with Gospel Rap. One of her biggest struggles was grappling with her title in the church world, and the freedom she wanted, in which to express every side of life through her music. She didn’t want to do “Clean Christian” music that only presented ideals. She wanted to create music that is fluent in every emotion, representing “the real, not the ideal”.

Ultimately, SouLah made the decision for transparency and truth because she knew that Creator GOD had given her this talent long before the church gave her a title, and because the dream wouldn’t let her go. In August of 2018, she finally embraced this life-long dream, by starting commercial music school at Cedar Valley College, in Dallas, TX, to earn a degree in Digital Music Production and Composition. She quickly caught on to the training she was receiving and was encouraged by one of her professors to enter a school-wide contest, in early 2019. She won in the Spoken Word category (just as she had won every poetry contest she had ever entered, since the third grade)!

With that win under her belt, Dr. Mike Bogle, the professor that directed the program, offered her the opportunity to complete an album for consideration, for the 2020 Grammys. Although SouLah had less than a year of schooling complete, she could not pass up the opportunity. If her professor, a Grammy nominee himself and a professional in the industry for over 30 years, believed she was ready, she must believe it for herself as well. For these reasons, anyone who listens to the newly released debut album, self-titled “SouLah the Legend”, is standing in the labor and delivery room of a dream that has just been birthed. Laneen A. Haniah asked Life for an opportunity; that opportunity was given to her; she was ready to embrace and maximize the opportunity when it appeared; and now she’s here!

The music industry is in for a refreshing burst of life and energy with SouLah as its latest edition. SouLah wrote her first complete song at the age of seven, and still remembers every word of it. She is skillful with lyrics, diverse with sounds, passionate with delivery and colorful and eclectic in her overall style. Her vibe is soulful and intimate, truthful and transparent. She represents the past, present and future of the music industry and hopes to enlighten the world with the Light that is inside of her soul. Definitely here to stay and make a great impact; may we be the first to introduce you to – SouLah the Legend!

  1. The Legend
  2. The Lady
  3. The Queen