SouLah the Legend
About Me
I have been a lover of music since I was a young child. Raised in a household where music was always playing, I learned early that music is the universal language of the soul, fluent in every emotion. As an artist, my vibe is soulful and intimate, truthful and transparent -- a refreshing burst of life and energy! I represent the past, present and future of the music industry and will enlighten the world with the Light that is inside of my soul. I'm definitely here to stay and make a great impact. So, may I take this moment to invite you to join the journey of SouLah the Legend! 
Be Significant, Live Legendary
​SouLah the Legend
Recent Releases
  1. SouLah the Legend
    Introducting, SouLah the Legend!
  2. Got Me Feelin' Some Way
    A story of instant chemistry!
  3. How to Love a Black Man
    from the book "How to Love a Black Man.
Upcoming Events
  1. Sept 5
    2405 S. Collins St, Arlington, TX
    THURSDAY @ 8pm - Midnight
  2. Oct 1-7
    East Coast Tour
    From NYC to DC
    Check Back for Details!